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Our Motto : GROW, GLOW and GO
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Our Logo

Grow - This translates into a well rounded academic, physical and attitudinal development of the child. However - the challenge is to allow the child to develop as a well intending and acting future citizen who would face the world not just in a positive state of mind but also with academic equipping, sport competitiveness and the attitude of an over comer.


Go - to have a mind, will and emotion that is able to face the world and the challenges that come in one's day to day life. The willingness to go is the willingness to face and embrace.


Glow - means to go forward to face the world and witness to the world  by glowing in excellence in every area of the child's developed interest. The children in KPS are encouraged to cooperate while they are given every opportunity to compete and excel individually and for the sake of the nation and world at large.

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