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Our Academics

Medium of Instruction

Our school has adopted the English language as the medium of instruction. Proficiency in the english language is imparted and expected in all our students.


The academic culture at Elena Bettini encourages a scientific temper and the  spirit of learning. Various science forums are encouraged to provide students ample opportunities to develop their scientific reasoning.

Literary Competitions

All our students are expected to participate in literary activities to develop various writing and speaking skills. Various topics are often given as the subject matter of debates and essays.

Student Clubs

Various student forums and clubs are encouraged to enable participation of students in any sphere of their interest. The objective is to get every student to participate in an extra curricular and curricular activity.


We encourage a healthy attitude towards learning and excelling in Mathematics. We encourage parents to help their children overcome fear of math as a subject and impart various simple methodologies to develop math skills at all levels.

Physical Education

Sports is encouraged as a compulsory activity for all students. The student sport groups are: Spoorthi, Shanthi, Prema and  Seva. These groups compete in a healthy way to win accolades during various internal sport meets. This encourages students to emerge and participate in taluk, district and state level sports.

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