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continued from the home page......Often other children would gather around Catherine and they would visit a Marian shrine outside their village. They would sing on the way and Catherine would tell stories about God and Mary.

Catherine's father died when she was 21 years old. Because of the law, all the property went to the four children of the first wife, Anna Margaret Kasper, to the exclusion of the second Mrs. Kasper and her children. Catherine and her mother had to rent from the Matthias Müller family. Although Catherine's mother was 56 years old when her husband died, she was not in good health. Catherine worked the land and hired out for about 10 cents a day as a "farm hand."

Because she helped others in ordinary ways, other young girls were attracted by Catherine’s example of service. Together Catherine and four other women formed the religious community, the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ when they pronounced the public vows of poverty, chastity and obedience on August 15, 1851.

Their ministry continued throughout Germany and spread to England, the United States in 1868, the Netherlands, India, Mexico, Brazil, Kenya and Nigeria.

Catherine Kasper, known in religious life, as Mother Mary, died on February 2, 1898. Her good works and following the life of Christ caused the Catholic Church to name her Blessed Catherine Kasper on April 16, 1978, by Pope Paul VI. She was canonized as Saint Katharina Kasper on October 14, 2018, by Pope Francis.

Today there are Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ in Germany, Netherlands, USA, England, India, Mexico, Brazil, Kenya and Nigeria. Belong to an international congregation means, a learning curve for us and as aresult we have gradually grown in understanding what it means to be an ‘International Congregation’.

We are learning together :

  • To discover and accept our unique individual, cultural, historical and social roots.

  • To treat each other with mutual respect and to discover our differences as riches and as gift from God.

  • To affirm that my culture is not at the center of all things but is in concert with all other cultures in our community.

  • This school mission is being carried out in the spirit of St. Katherine Kasper.

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